How to pass a hair drug test

Passing a hair drug test is probably the trickiest and most pricy drug test type. You can not just drink a detox drink and wait for the detox. You have to wash your hair with:

  • Detox Shampoo
  • Vinegar
  • Clean and clear shampoo

The best detox shampoo called Aloe Rid is highly recommended! It costs 235$, but its much much better than any other detox shampoo. What we will use here is called the Macujo Method. You need to wash and soak your hair multiple times with the ingreadients, it takes time and money, but at the end you will pass your hair follicle drug test easily.

Please do not bleach and dye your hair over and over again, i know these detox shampoos are expensive, but bleaching your hair multiple time wont help you pass the test, but it will surely ruin your hair.